Student Opportunities

HealthSource of Ohio prioritizes developing and investing in the next generation of healthcare leaders.

We offer a number of programs that provide unique opportunities for everyone from students to practicing medical professionals.

Student Spotlight

Behavioral Health Consultant Eastgate Pediatrics

Idalise Suarez-Velazquez, Ph.D.

Program: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Primary Care Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Consultant

Tulio Ortega

Program: Behavioral Health Practicum

Riley Hoffman

Program: Osteopathic Medical School

Ross Skeens

Program: Osteopathic Medical School

Crisinda Doss

Program: Medical Assistant

Eric Lang

Program: Administrative Resident

Blake Tolle

Program: Patient Navigation Internship

Chrissy Hogan

Program: Medical Assistant

Non-Clinical Opportunities

Clinical Opportunities

Clinical Rotation Opportunities

Rotation opportunities are subject to HealthSource clinician’s availability and your higher learning institution must have an affiliation agreement with HealthSource. If you are interested in Clinical Rotations, please email

  • Behavioral Health (LSW & PsyD) Rotations

  • Medical Student (MD & DO) Rotations

  • Nurse Practitioner (NP) or Physician Assistant (PA) Rotations