More than Medicine Program
The More than Medicine Program is where our volunteer team organizes activities and fundraising events for our health centers and the community. We regularly organize events throughout the year to support health and wellness in the community. You can learn more about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities below:

Hunger as a Health Issue
Lacking access to nutritious food is a dire public health concern for the patients and communities we serve. HealthSource of Ohio’s Hunger as a Health Issue program provides patients with immediate access to tailored recipes and ingredients, offers nutrition education and hands-on cooking demonstrations, delivers seasonally fresh produce to our medical offices, provides farmers market vouchers, and refers patients to community resources that address hunger and other social determinants of health.

Open a Book to Open a Door
At HealthSource of Ohio we believe you can Open a Book to Open a Door. When reading is encouraged, a world of opportunities open up for our pediatric patients. Our reading program gives our clinicians an opportunity to gauge where the patient is developmentally while advising parents on the importance of reading aloud and promoting life-long literacy.