Kroger Community Rewards

It's Time to Enroll in Kroger Community Rewards!

During the past several years HealthSource of Ohio has received more than $8,000 from Kroger’s to help meet its mission. Participating in this program does not cost kroger plus shopper's cardanything. When you swipe your Kroger Plus Card you are helping HSOhio receive 4% of your total purchase. This is Kroger’s way of giving back to the community. The program requires each person who participates in the program to re-enroll each year and that time is now!

We are asking for your participation on behalf of HealthSource of Ohio by visiting to re-enroll or enroll and edit your account information. HealthSource of Ohio Community Rewards number is 81077.

If you would like to register yourself, visit the Kroger Rewards site and follow these directions:

  1. Click “Sign In” or “Create an Account”
  2. Begin registration process: Set up account with e-mail address and password
    • Input your Kroger Plus Card number located on the back of your card
    • Enter contact information: Name & address
  3. Click “View Your Rewards Details”
  4. Under “Community Rewards” click “Enroll” or “Edit”
  5. Search for HealthSource of Ohio full name or number: 81077
  6. Select the correct listing and click “Enroll”
  7. “Save” your changes You are all set! HealthSource will begin earning valuable rewards to help our organization reach its mission of providing quality health care to our patients.