Talking to Your Anxious Child About COVID19

Talking to Your Anxious Child About COVID19

Talking to Your Anxious Child About COVID-19
Submitted by: Ceara Calloway, LISW, Behavioral Health Consultant, HealthSource of Ohio

Model Calmness: If we remain calm, our kids are more likely to remain calm. Show them that though you are taking the recommended precautions seriously, you are still able to maintain calmness.

Validate: Let your kids know that it is very normal to have anxiety during this time. Routine is important for us humans, and we have all had our routines thrown off. It is okay to feel upset about that.

Know the Facts: Know what you are talking about before giving reassurance. Kids have lots of questions, and they are going to ask “why.” Being prepared for these follow up questions can help alleviate stress for everyone.

Limit Media Exposure: Have you noticed the more you listen to the radio, watch the news, or look at social media, the more anxious you feel? Same goes for your kids. There is a lot out there for them to absorb. Try to be proactive in limiting what they are seeing and hearing. It is important for them to stay educated on the matter, but we don’t want them to become overly obsessed with it.

Encourage Relaxation Exercises: There are plenty of apps and videos out there to help decrease anxiety. Try searching “progressive muscle relaxation” or “deep breathing exercises” on Youtube. You can even practice these skills as a family.

Monitor Symptoms of Anxiety: While it is normal to feel a certain level of anxiety during this time, if you feel the anxiety is having a significant impact on your child, reach out to their medical provider. HSO has Behavioral Health Consultants working with patients from all offices to help combat anxious symptoms related to COVID19.