National Rural Health Day 2021

National Rural Health Day 2021

On the third Thursday of November, rural leaders, agencies, and health care organizations come together annually to honor the unique health care needs of nearly 57 million rural lives. Please join HealthSource of Ohio as we celebrate National Rural Health Day today, November 18th , to recognize those who serve our rural communities, working together to address disparities to improve rural health access, quality, and overall outcomes.

As many who serve these communities already know, rural areas have some of the nation’s highest rates of cancer, opioid use, food insecurity, diabetes, and premature mortality. In observance of National Rural Health Day, I would like to highlight the many ways Community Health Centers, like HealthSource of Ohio, aim to innovate the rural health landscape.

First, HealthSource of Ohio provides access to care where and when patients need it the most. An example is our School Based Health model which provides convenient care to our pediatric patients, eliminating the burden placed on parents and family to take time off work to bring their child to their appointments. This model has been shown to improve the health and education outcomes for these children, resulting in healthier rural communities.

Second, we must take a hard look at the disparities and chronic illnesses that are unique to our rural populations. HealthSource of Ohio uses community data and metrics to identify specific needs present in each of our eight counties. By using this data and community partnerships, HealthSource establishes programs and initiatives to address these specific needs, such as through our Accredited Diabetes Education Program and More Than Medicine Programs.

Lastly, serving rural communities requires innovative partnerships that go beyond the four walls of health centers. While we realize we cannot be everything to every patient, we value the services and agencies that work with us to ensure our patients’ needs are met. Whether we’re working with rehabilitation facilities that address substance use disorder, connecting food insecure patients to local pantries, or referring social service agencies that provide pre-natal and post-partum resources, we realize the value of uniting together to serve our rural communities.

While the obstacles we face in rural health care may be unique, so are the providers and staff members who dedicate their lives to serving these communities. They bring different perspectives and new ideas to meet their patients’ evolving needs and recognize that there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to health care. We, at HealthSource of Ohio, ask that you join us in celebrating the incredible clinicians, staff, and communities that contribute to our healthy, happy, and thriving rural communities today, for National Rural Health Day, and every day.

HealthSource of Ohio is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) committed to providing quality, patient-centered primary and preventative care. HSO is dedicated to the belief that every patient deserves to be treated with respect, dignity, and equality, irrespective of their race, religion, economic status, or ability to pay. Our services include Family Practice, Pediatrics, Ob/Gyn, Dental, Behavioral Health, Vision, and Pharmacy services. HealthSource accepts both insured and uninsured patients. For information about HealthSource of Ohio and our More Than Medicine Programs, please visit

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