Outreach and Enrollment

FREE Assistance Enrolling in Healthcare Coverage

HealthSource of Ohio’s Outreach & Enrollment team provides FREE over-the-phone application help for any Ohio resident (does not have to be a patient of HealthSource of Ohio) who needs help with:

  • Medicaid
  • Emergency Medicaid
  • SNAP (food stamps)
  • Insurance Questions

Contact us at 513-707-9901 or email insurance@hsohio.org to request an appointment.


Outreach & Enrollment Team

Outreach and enrollment medicaid

Becky McMullen

Director of Outreach & Enrollment

Focus: Recovery, Reentry, & Parolees

Outreach and enrollment medicaid

Abby Southall

Outreach Assistant

Focus: Education

Outreach and enrollment medicaid

Lydia Pfeffer

Outreach Coordinator

Focus: HIV & LGBTQ+

outreach and enrollment medicaid

Alicia Cooper-Blum

Outreach Coordinator

Focus: Food pantries & Homeless

Outreach and enrollment medicaid

Robyn O’Dell

Outreach Coordinator

Focus: Women & Children

Shawna Hanson

Outreach Specialist