Outreach and Enrollment

Assistance Enrolling in Healthcare Coverage

At HealthSource, we understand that enrolling in an insurance or Medicaid program can be complicated, and the entire process can feel overwhelming.

Nothing should stop you from receiving the care you need. Our Outreach & Enrollment staff assist individuals and families enrolling in healthcare coverage, including Medicaid, federal marketplace plans, and SNAP benefits (food stamps).

Contact our team at 513-707-9901 or email insurance@hsohio.org to request an appointment.

Outreach & Enrollment Team

Becky McMullen

Director of Outreach & Enrollment

Focus: Recovery, Reentry, & Parolees

Abby Southall

Outreach Assistant

Focus: Education

Lydia Pfeffer

Outreach Coordinator

Focus: HIV & LGBTQ+

Alicia Cooper-Blum

Outreach Coordinator

Focus: Food pantries & Homeless

Robyn O’Dell

Outreach Coordinator

Focus: Women & Children