Pediatric Primary Care

Finding the best medical care provider is essential for your child’s health and well-being. Whether you have a newborn or are looking to switch providers for an older child or teen, HealthSource of Ohio has a team of experienced Clinicians who provide compassionate pediatric primary care.

The Aim of Pediatrics

Pediatricians understand the early childhood and adolescent development process. During annual checkups, they can assess your child’s physical, mental, and emotional growth and provide you with an update as to how they’re doing. Your child’s pediatrician isn’t just their care provider, he or she is also a resource for you.

Pediatric primary care includes general health, long-term quality of life, and children’s overall health. Pediatricians may also work to diagnose, treat, or manage a variety of conditions in pediatric patients, including, but not limited to:

  • infections
  • genetic and congenital conditions
  • organ diseases and dysfunctions
  • injuries
  • behavioral problems
  • developmental delays or disorders
  • mental and anxiety-related disorders

Your pediatrician will work closely with you to help you monitor your child’s growth and understand any diagnosis or treatment options.

Prioritizing Mental and Physical Wellness

HealthSource of Ohio believes in accessible healthcare for everyone. That is why we work with patients regardless of insurance status, offer interpreter services for non-English speaking patients, and provide a safe space for everyone. Your child’s physical, mental, and emotional health is our number one priority, and our Clinicians take it seriously. You and your child will always feel heard, always feel safe, and always feel respected. Find a pediatrician today!

Clinicians Specializing in Pediatrics

Pediatrician Cincinnati Ohio Pediatrics Doctor

Tina Daniels, MD

HealthSource Eastgate Pediatrics

Pediatrician Georgetown Ohio

Anya Bauman, MD

HealthSource Georgetown Pediatrics and Family Practice

Pediatrician Pediatrics Doctor Eastgate Cincinnati Ohio

Shana Alexander, MD

HealthSource Eastgate Pediatrics

pediatrician georgetown ohio

Stephanie Flynn, MD

HealthSource Georgetown Pediatrics and Family Practice

Pediatrician cincinnati

Rebekah Long, MD

HealthSource Eastgate Pediatrics

Pediatrician Eastgate Cincinnati Ohio Doctor

Cara Killgore, MD

HealthSource Eastgate Pediatrics

Pediatrics Pediatrician Doctor Eastgate Cincinnati Ohio

Helena Herman, MD

HealthSource Eastgate Pediatrics

pediatrics eastgate cincinnati

Brandi McConnell, PA-C

HealthSource Eastgate Pediatrics

Pediatrician Seaman Ohio

Nicanor San Nicolas, MD

HealthSource Seaman & Hillsboro